Traditional kitchen design strives to create an ornately comfortable kitchen for your home

Whilst contemporary design is recognised for its of-the-moment designs, and classic for its neutral colours and restrained detail, traditional styling takes a cosier approach and is an amalgamation of many worldly architectural styles including Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, Federal, Regency, Italianate, Early American and Neoclassical elements, all with ornate and interesting details and embellishments.

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Even if the house is modern or a new build, fixtures and fittings, counter tops, cabinetry and splashbacks and flooring provide ample opportunity for authentic traditional kitchen design elements.


Glass-front kitchen cabinets are an important characteristic of a traditional style, allowing you to display crockery, ornaments and add personality to your kitchen. This decorative approach in the traditional kitchen can also be used in intricate mouldings, rich stone counter tops, contrasting tiled, or parquet pattern wooden floors and design details like leaded glass doors and ornate islands with veneers and carved brackets.

Most people when thinking of a traditional kitchen will start with a butler sink, a square white ceramic basin set into the counter top, but there are many more options for a traditional kitchen that don’t include that kind of sink if it’s not to your taste.


Vintage fixtures and hardware and beaded board accents on painted cabinetry are other elements found in traditional kitchen design. You needn’t be afraid to use modern materials in a traditionally designed kitchen, as there are many retro designed options.

Contrasting colours

Mixing cabinet finishes, colours and counter depths for a furniture-style look in a traditional kitchen is very effective, as is the inclusion of an island. Blue is a timeless choice when adding colour to traditional style and will contrast beautifully with white beaded boards or white ceramic sinks or drainers. You can use colour to define and decorate different areas, base units and wall hung units, or the cooking area of the kitchen using an obvious point for colour change like the splash backs or islands.

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