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Kitchens are the heart of the home and because of this design is especially important, especially if you’ve got the opportunity when extending, renovating or with a new build to consider every aspect of the kitchen from doors and windows to plumbing, electrics and the practical but space-consuming needs of laundry and storage.

Your idea of a luxury kitchen will be unique depending on what’s important to you, so all our kitchen designs are bespoke and designed to give you everything you are looking for. Once the initial layout of the room has been decided comes the ‘fun’ part of design, the most obvious first choice being the overall look of your kitchen.


Contemporary design generally means what is current now, and includes new trends and materials and cutting-edge design and technology and use of. It’s sometimes hard to distinguish between modern and contemporary kitchen design, but modern is from a certain time period, whereas contemporary is constantly evolving.

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The classic kitchen is defined by neutral colour palettes and simple details and design.  A classic kitchen is a popular choice for developers as it provides the perfect blank canvas for potential buyers to make it their own.

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Traditional styling takes a more ornate and cosier approach to kitchen design with elements from historical periods ranging from neoclassical to Victorian. Even in a new build or modern house there is ample opportunity in a kitchen’s design elements to create a traditional kitchen as the heart of your home.

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