Contemporary Kitchens Designs

It’s sometimes hard to distinguish between modern and contemporary kitchen design; contemporary typically means what is current now and often includes cutting-edge design and technology and the use of new trends and materials.

Contemporary kitchens can of course be modern, but ‘modern’ as a design term refers to a very specific style that emerged in time period 1920′s – 1950′s and it doesn’t change as contemporary does as trends change.

Modern styling is defined by clean, unadorned interiors with white walls, a hint of colour and the use of natural materials such as wood, leather, teak and linen. Generally, floors are bare often with woollen neutral colour rugs. Similarly, man-made products like plywood and plastic are very popular in modern furniture, which has legs to raise it off floor and is open to give a feeling of space. Ironically, modern interiors are referred to as retro these days.

A 2016 contemporary kitchen design would include on-trend elements such as:

Niches, a shallow recess to display a given item, are becoming increasingly popular as they add a design element to the kitchen, replacing shelving and clumsy storage with smooth lines and art gallery-style alcoves to showcase crockery and art.

They allow you to showcase your lifestyle, your interests and your tastes, like wine bars or a restaurant might display products, art and crockery to reinforce its brand. So openly displaying your collection of crockery, objects and photos in your kitchen reinforces what is important to you in your life and introduces that to your guests.

LED lighting is flexible, less expensive long term and provides a quality of light superior to alternative energy saving bulbs. The use of light in design is not a new phenomenon, but LED has enabled new and exciting options for kitchens to create not only a practical feature but to give the kitchen a unique look.

Latest technology. There are literally 1000’s of products out for the kitchen from leading brands such as Siemens, Quooker and Miele. Call us today on 01865 596768 and we’ll research the market for cutting-edge technology for your contemporary kitchen design. 

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