Beautiful home designs for creating the space you need for escaping the rigours of life.

Just like the kitchen, the lounge must be designed around the family that lives there, or the aspirations of the prospective home owner. Comfort, space, practicality and technology all come together in a defined space and need to work perfectly together to relax and inspire you and your family or your potential buyers.

A lounge is not just a relaxing space that welcomes guests and visitors, it also serves as the focal point of your home, displaying your personal tastes and family memorabilia. The lounge acts as a showcase for the entire household so it's important to have a room that works well for you. Considering seating, storage, layout, pastimes and entertaining, J&S House of Designs will assist you in the design of the room for which living is intended.

Whether you want open-planned, cosy and traditional or modern and bold, when it comes to redesigning and decorating your lounge we want to give you a room that shows off your personal style, but one that is practical and versatile. This is the room where the whole family comes together, and allowing the design to be versatile enough to be a romantic space for you and your spouse one evening, to accommodating children, guests and pets the next is not an easy task, as anyone who has attempted it will testify.

This is where the bespoke design service from J&S comes in. Beautiful home designs will come from your ideas and will be realised as your perfect room for living in. We will incorporate all the technology you desire, ensure the space is used to its optimum potential and even help you visualise the end result with our state-of-the-art CAD system.

Changing the space to refresh your aspect needn’t involve renovation or major structural works. Living room decorating doesn't have to be grand. A simple feature wall, new lighting or even a new rug can transform your space completely. If you’re staging your home for selling, re-decorating rather than re-modelling is the sensible option. Keeping the costs low enough not to impact on the overall cost of moving, but impacting greatly on the appeal of your home to potential buyers, refreshing the living room design could be the way to deliver your home viewers’ aspirations.

Got some great ideas you’d like to share? Give us a call on 01865 596768 and tell us what you’d like to see presented in your home or at our design studio, using our state-of-the-art CAD system.

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