Classic kitchens with timeless appeal, designed for your home or development

Classic kitchen design is not only flexible but is also timeless, a design that will have the longevity of the little black dress, and is the perfect blank canvas for anyone, or any property owner to accessorise as they wish, to make it their own. The classic kitchen is really defined by neutral colour palettes and simple details and designs.

Elements of classic kitchen design

Classic doesn’t mean that there won’t or can’t be some architectural details such as exposed legs, toe kicks, panelled hoods and extractor fans or mouldings, but these design details will be subtle or kept to a minimum rather than being obvious or overly ornate. Doors are also kept very classic, either simple shaker doors or a shaker door with a bead moulding.

Classic colours

The most obvious element of a classic kitchen is white or cream cabinets; this neutral approach will not only stand the test of time but will keep the whole kitchen looking fresh, as well as having a universal appeal. In contrast to the white is the use of black or dark stone worktops, whether granite, quartz or the large range of man-made stone alternatives available. Almost everyone will feel comfortable in the calm and predictable mono-chrome environment of a classic kitchen.

Classic tiling

Subway tiles are a very popular choice for classic kitchens. The rectangular design reminiscent of the 1950’s but timeless in appeal comes in many size, colour and finish options; glossy, crackle, bevelled, square edged, handmade or machine made.

Don’t despair if you like colour and want something that is classic yet has some individuality and colour. You can choose coloured subway tiles with a white grout, they are still a classic design choice.

Too much to think about?

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