A Variety of Bedrooms and Robes

Fitted bedrooms and robes don’t have to look like 1980’s throwbacks, there are thousands of clever design-led storage options that integrate storage efficiently and beautifully.

When designing the perfect bedroom, the earlier we can get involved the better, ideally for new builds and extensions at the planning stage, to ensure that everything required has been considered and the build caters for it.

Do you want a walk-in wardrobe, ensuite, a dressing room? Where is the best place for windows, the plumbing, heating and storage? Considering all the elements at the very early stages will ensure we can design a bedroom that delivers everything you are dreaming of.

Comfort and storage are two of the most critical elements to a bedroom; where the bed is in relation to the rest of the room, nightstands, access to technology, light switches and window placement are all factors.

Built-in or freestanding furniture, depending on your tastes and space is another major design decision; how much storage do you need and is there the space for a walk-in robe come dressing room, or can one be incorporated in the walk-way from the bedroom to the ensuite?

Once all these questions are answered, we can look at the kind of technology you want to incorporate, entertainment systems, centrally controlled lighting and blind pulls. Conversely, we can create a space that is technology free and centres on giving you a perfect escape from the demands of modern life to encourage relaxation and sleep,
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